Countdown Day 7

One week from today the new book is available! Thanks for your interest … I hope the book will be of help to you and to the causes, values, hopes, and dreams we share. Here’s today’s quote:

This approach frees us to let poetry work as poetry is supposed to. Swords into plowshares. Today that would mean dreaming about tanks being melted down into playground jungle gyms and machine guns being recast as swing sets. Wolves living with lambs. Today that would mean Christians and Jews and Muslims throwing a picnic together, or Lefties and Right-wingers forming a band and singing in harmony, or nuclear weapons engineers being redeployed to develop green energy. (63)

From A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith (available February 9, 2010)
“Brian’s writing is brave and honest, vulnerable and courageous, disturbing and unsettling, reassuring and hopeful. Every now and then you come across a book you’ve been waiting for. A New Kind of Christianity is that book.” (Steve Chalke, MBE, founder of Oasis Global, UN Special Advisor on Human Trafficking)