Countdown Day 3

OK, folks, it’s almost time! You can pre-order the book online now, or plan to visit a local bookseller on Tuesday …

I love the Bible. This love goes back to childhood for me, to warm memories when my parents would read me Bible stories, either directly from a big, black, leather-bound, red-letter King James Version or from a children’s illustrated story Bible…. In my teenage years, I began to read the bible for myself and found treasure buried on every page…. I began journaling my responses to what I was reading, and followed several different schemes for reading through the Bible every year or so. I even memorized long passages, a practice I still cherish…. I’ve never tired of the Bible through all these years. The more I’ve asked of it, the more it has yielded to me. So yes, I love the Bible. I’m in awe of it. At this very moment. (67)

From A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith (available February 9, 2010)
Here’s a little inspiration!

Love Can Change the World – live at Willow Creek from aaron niequist on Vimeo.

On 01.10.10, we sang this song for the first time at Willow. It launched us into reading the Prayer of St Francis, space for reflection, Have Thine Own Way Lord, and a response. Most of the experience is included in this video.