Countdown: Day 25

On March 15, Naked Spirituality will go on sale. I’ll share a short quote from the book each day until then. I hope you’ll tweet or otherwise pass on the ones you find most meaningful.

How much higher and wider and deeper and richer our lives become when we awaken to the presence of the real, wild, mysterious, living God who is bigger than our tame concepts of God, when we sense an inward vocation from God and toward God, and we respond with presentation, saying, Here I am, Lord. I present myself to you, presenting yourself to me. We live with a perpetual Here I am, and here you are, in our hearts, inviting constant, vital connection, unbroken communion, lifelong friendship … starting right here, starting right now. (Brian D. McLaren, Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in Twelve Simple Words. HarperOne, 2011, Chapter 4)