Convergence Christianity … it’s happening!

My general hunch is that in the short run, the most conservative streams of Christianity — in Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox settings alike — will constrict, tighten up, batten the hatches, raise the boundary fences, demand greater doctrinal, political, and behavioral conformity, and monitor boundaries with increased vigilance. Doing so will increase commitment (and anxiety) among the “true believers,” but it will also drive away their younger, more educated, and less isolated members.

Where will they go? Many, I fear, will drift into nominal faith and become tacit devotees of secular consumerism. Others, I hope, will be welcomed into a new emerging coalition, and that’s where my hope lies. That new coalition, I believe, will emerge from four main sources….

From a short article of mine on the subject here:
Eric Elnes is writing about this convergence too –
And you can tune in for a 90-minute “world-wide conversation on Convergence Christianity” hosted by Darkwood Brew on Sunday, August 19th, 6pm EST/5pm CST. I’ll be part of it – I hope you will too.