Congratulations, Rachel (Held Evans)!

Rachel – I’m always glad to be mentioned in the same breath with you, as in this note:

Thank you, you make my job so much easier. I lead a small house group and this year we are using your book, ‘We make the Road by Walking’. We all came to your talk in Bristol last night and have come away even more inspired.
Last year we studied Rachael’s ‘Year of Biblical Womanhood’ which was a real success for our group. Previous to this, we had struggled to find material that really worked for us as group. Rachael’s book inspired, intrigued and engaged. As the year was drawing to a close the pressure was on to find some new material that would work as well for us. Rachael had reviewed your book on he blog and sang its praises so I thought it was worth a go.
The book has blown us away and we are only on Chapter 10! THe group are engaged and inspired and when we meet the first this everyone says is ‘I love this book’.
So thank you for making my life easier, and I like the rest of the group Love the book.

It’s fun to see that you’re in the same league with Madonna, Bono, and Cher … your first name identifies you! I don’t know if you can sing … but you sure can write. Thanks for all you do, Rachel!
(And thanks to our shared readers from Bristol who came and said hi last week!)