Christmas Shopping … Idea 1

Why not have a Fair Trade Christmas? Trade As One can help you … I’ve been a big fan of Trade As One since it was a dream in the heart of Nathan George. It’s thrilling to see how the fair trade/ethical buying movement is beginning to grow here in the US. This (after the jump) is from the newest Trade as One email newsletter …

How do you have a Fair Trade Christmas? Here are some suggestions.
1. Buy Fair Trade gifts for all of your family and friends.
2. Show the Trade as One video as a part of your holiday celebration, and include a copy of the DVD with each of your gifts.
3. Give gifts that matter, not just from Trade as One, but from WorldVision, Kiva and other organizations bringing justice in the developing world.
4. Use Trade as One Holiday Decorations to adorn your house with justice and hope.
5. Send your love with Cards from Africa, the beautiful handmade cards profiled in this letter.
6. Prepare your holiday meal with Fair Trade and organic ingredients, like Olive Oil, Rice, and Sugar.
7. Be creative! There are so many ways you can make justice and Fair Trade a part of your celebrations, so come up with your own and share them with us!
Don’t forget to shop early to make sure your favorite gift hasn’t already sold out!

Again, check out Trade As One for lots of links, resources, and ideas.