Christmas Gifts I Can Help You With …

If you have a child or grandchild … consider Cory and the Seventh Story, a beautifully illustrated tale of a village of diverse animals in search of a better story to live by. You may also be interested in the adult version of the book for yourself, The Seventh Story: Us, Them, and the End of Violence.

If you or people on your Christmas list are people of faith who struggle with questions and doubt, my newest book is a perfect gift. It releases January 5, but you can preorder and we’ll send you a letter and signed bookplate that you can give on Christmas in anticipation of the books arrival a few weeks later. Here’s the link for the book – And here’s the link for the signed bookplate and letter. I should add that I recently recorded the audiobook, and it’s a great format to give for Christmas, downloadable starting January 5.

If you have an outdoor enthusiast — a fisherman, birder, hiker, kayaker, camper, herper, wildlife photographer, or nature mystic – I think they’d love my book The Galapagos Islands: A Spiritual Journey.

If it’s the last minute, and you have a political junkie on your list, I have two short e-books readers should enjoy: Why Don’t the Get It? (Overcoming Bias in Others — and Yourself) and The Second Pandemic: Authoritarianism and Your Future. Special offer: You can buy both books for $9.99 here.

And of course, any of my other books would make great gifts too. Here are some of them by category:

A Fresh Overview of the Bible: We Make the Road By Walking

A Daily Devotional: Seeking Aliveness (This is the content of We Make the Road by Walking reformatted as a daily devotional).

Books on the Future of Christianity: The Great Spiritual Migration and A New Kind of Christianity

A Trilogy of Creative Fiction on the Future of Christianity: A New Kind of Christian Trilogy — A New Kind of Christian, The Story We Find Ourselves In, The Last Word and the Word After That This trilogy is still an excellent portal into a fresh understanding of Christian faith.

Books on Spirituality and Spiritual Formation: Naked Spirituality and Finding Our Way Again

Two Books on Jesus: The Secret Message of Jesus and Everything Must Change