Change Your Story!

The sun is setting on our old stories.

Some of us believe that six primary stories shape our lives, claiming to bring about peace and security – domination, revolution, purification, isolation, victimization, and accumulation. In naming them, we begin to notice something: these stories do not work.

They serve to drive us apart, create more suffering, and fail to answer the question of how to make a better world. But there is a Seventh Story, misunderstood and hidden, but available to everyone.

This story upends what we think we know about religion, politics, economics, art, and even storytelling itself.

The Seventh Story Experience is a special event taking place 13th and 14th October 2017, bringing together a community imagining a new story, a conversation about a different way of living that could change the way you see yourself.

I’m co-hosting the event with my friend Irish writer and peace activist Gareth Higgins.

It’s an exploration of how humans relate to each other that could end war.

It’s 27 hours in a new world. 

And you’re invited.

Click here for more information and to register, or go to