Blessed with and beyond words

In my travels, I often hear good music. In the last two weeks, I’ve heard some great music. Three experiences stand out.
A few weeks ago, I spoke at Chapman University in SoCal. In the morning session, I heard a gifted student (Cheon Soyun) play the marimba. The whole room became an instrument and we were all enveloped in beauty and wonder. (Here’s a sample)

Then that afternoon, the University Choir sang. It was beautiful, but then a moment came in their “signature song,” Amazing Grace … that was unforgettable. Oddly, it was a moment of breath-taking silence. You’ll know what I mean if you go hear them sing.

Then Monday night, here in Richmond (where I’m speaking at St. Paul’s Lenten Series), Rector Wallace Adams-Riley read poetry and music minister David Sinden improvised on the organ. I can’t begin to convey the beauty of the evening.
Speaking of music, my friend Scott Olson writes eloquently about the “jazz” of leadership: