Banking With a Conscience: George Bailey or Mr. Potter?

George Bailey or Mr. Potter?
This article points to a trend I think we all should be paying attention to … using moral influence upon corporations, beginning with banks, to move people toward the common good. More here. Quotable:

Last week, with little fanfare, PNC Financial, the nation’s seventh-largest bank, disclosed a significant strategic shift. The bank said it would no longer finance coal-mining companies that pursue mountaintop removal of coal in Appalachia, an environmentally devastating practice that has long drawn opposition.
It was a big decision for PNC, which has been one of the largest financiers of companies that engage in the mountaintop mining of coal, which involves blasting off the summits of mountains to expose the coal beneath them and dumping the debris into valleys and rivers, which the environmental law organization Earthjustice described as “strip mining on steroids.”

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