At Christmas, don’t forget …

In Jesus’ birthplace, all is not well. We need just and peaceful solutions that are pro-Palestinian, pro-Israeli, pro-peace, and pro-justice. This Christmas, I urge you to pray for the peace of Bethlehem, and Jerusalem, and all.
And as you pray, educate yourself. You should start by hearing the voices of Palestinian Christians on the subject … here.
This comprehensive article by Ben White would also be helpful, and I’d also recommend an important book by my friend Mark Braverman, a Jewish author and activist, Fatal Embrace.
So much of what we’ve been told – through the corporate media, and by our political and religious leaders – is simply wrong. As a person who has tried hard to learn the truth about Jesus’ homeland – and who continues to learn – I urge you to do the same so that together we can reduce our complicity in injustice and add our voices and efforts to the ongoing work of the Prince of Peace. I can’t imagine a better birthday present to Jesus than this.