An interesting day to be in China –

Most of the folks I’m talking to fully and enthusiastically support the recent peace prize award to a jailed Chinese dissident named Liu Xiaobo, even though the government has called it blasphemous (interesting choice of words). The mainland chinese I talked to feel that confidence in their government is at or near an all-time low, but they’re not hopeful about other alternatives either. Many people are just putting their heads down try to make some money, since they never know when the rules of the game will change.
The government is suppressing news of the award, but word gets around – and in one nearby city, we hear that thousands of people are out in the streets, not rioting, but simply walking around smiling. Who knows what could be happening in the days to come? A hint of change is in the air.
I think of change as a fresh spring breeze … promising your senses that better, brighter days are ahead. I pray it will be so. Oh, Lord, for peace! Bless all peacemakers and raise up more like thim. Move readers of this blog to get some peacemaker training.
“Don’t be overcome with evil,” Paul said. “Overcome evil with good.” amen!