An important letter to Senator McCain

A new friend, Frank Schaeffer, wrote this strong and needed letter to Senator McCain in the Baltimore Sun.
It looks like Senator McCain is, on occasion at least, becoming aware of the dangerous emotions that can be unleashed when he and Gov. Palin suggest that Senator Obama is a terrorist sympathizer, dishonorable, and so on.
It’s frightening to me to watch anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiment be tolerated as it has been on all sides in this election; prejudice of any kind is simply unChristian and wrong.
So … congratulations to Senator McCain for trying to put the hissing cat of fear and hatred back into the bag. Let’s all work together against bigoted, dangerous, inflammatory speech, so that in these remaining weeks of the election, we don’t hurt and divide our country more than it already is. What would it profit to win an election and destroy the nation in the process?