An email that just came in …

Here’s a window into the soul of thousands of Evangelical Christians in America:

I recently tried to send this to a different e-mail address that I came across for you, so if you get double please ignore this. Anyway, I wanted to first of all take the time to thank you for your words that my wife and I have recently come across. We have both been at a place of searching in our lives for something of more substance and value than we are used to. I had been a youth/worship pastor for [several] years in an evangelical church and we have both been attending a church of this nature for a while now.

My wife had recently brought some questions to me that she had been wrestling with for years and with I have had for a while but never had the courage to speak up about these. Questions such as is the bible fully without error, how does my belief fit with with our friends who are mormon or muslim, why can’t a woman be an elder or a pastor in a church if she is fully qualified, etc. We have both been reading your book a new kind of Christian and are planning on reading a generous orthodoxy next. We have found much inspiration and a sigh of relief in reading this book. We feel less of outcasts and more encouraged to continue on this journey. After saying all this, we were wondering if you knew of any good churches in the [insert city] area that embraced this type of thinking along with their worship? We do not care if it is “evangelical”, “liturgical” or whatever other labels people have placed on it, all we are interested in is finding a place of connection for us and for our daughter that is embracing of this type of searching and thinking. If you know of any or have any suggestions we would highly appreciate it. Thanks again for you words and your following after truth.

Questions. Searching. A place of connection for us and our children. Thinking. Truth. Substance. Value. Who’s listening to the cry of their hearts?