An 80-Year-Old Reader and a Catholic Priest write on We Make the Road by Walking

A reader writes:

I am an eighty year old student of the Bible and seeker of Truth. I am currently leading a small group of ten women through your book, “We Make the Road by Walking”. Our discussions have been rich and full of Life.

I have read several of your books and all of them fill me with hope and soul-full gratitude for the living and growing Presence of God. I actually met you and spoke with you at a conference around twenty years ago.

Knowing that your way has not always been easy, and knowing that much of your mail is probably negative, I wanted to let you know how much your work has blessed me. Thank you for your open heart that has allowed you to hear and receive Truth; and thank you for the hard work and courage it has taken to share with us what God is giving you.
May God bless and strengthen your continued ministry.

Thanks so much for these encouraging words! You inspire me!. I’m only 13 years behind you, and I hope to follow your example – to never stop learning, growing, and seeking truth. Warm blessings to you and the women in your group. I’m so happy the book has been a blessing.


Another reader writes:

I conducted a book study with WE MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING which turned out to be a truly inspired experience! That group of 12 persons has truly become a little church. They call themselves “ecclesia.”
I will be offering another study on the book beginning in October. What a terrific resource your book is! I’m hoping to use the book to develop a “catechism” for kids too.

As you can imagine, it warms my heart when people take one of my books and do something wonderful with it.  It’s an honor to be in partnership with you in this way!