Age of Love? Wisdom? Connection?

A reader writes …

I was just reading “adventures in missing the point” for the 5th time and came across your question of what the postmodern age will eventually be called. I almost wrote last time I read it but don’t want to bother folks I have never met. This time, when I read it and the thought hit again I decided to follow through and write.
In proverbs, our Sister, Wisdom say she was outside of God from even before the beginning and “delighting in God’s inhabited world and the children of men”. In the chain of progression from knowledge (which is increasing) and insight (which is also increasing) we get to Wisdom, which should be definable as knowing what to do with knowledge and insight in bringing the fullness of the Kingdom.
Since this facet of God (think perichoresis ala Moltmann) was spun out from God to steward the innocent blood (The Wisdom of God made sure the blood from Abel to Zechariah leads to the cross.), She will be the force that brings the “children of men” into fullness of Wisdom. After all, she is the one who delights in His inhabited creation.
With this in mind, I respectfully submit, the age we live in will be known, in the end, as the “Age of Wisdom”.

Thanks for this hopeful reply. We have some many crises facing us … Wisdom is desperately needed! Let’s all whisper a simple one-word prayer again and again today – help! please! wisdom! – for ourselves, for our colleagues, for our leaders, for our world.