Addition to “The Sex Question”

A reader writes …

Please accept my informality — Your new book, ANKofC, reveals you to me.
My comment — Re: pages 187-188, a critical issue could have been added to your list. I offer:
Beyond the images of sexual perfection, the individual’s expectations of the sexual experience (frequency, intensity, etc.) are commonly disappointing next to that which is portrayed in print, on-screen and online media.
Americans are “screwed” up, and I include myself.
Reflection on ANKofC — I’m sure I would not have chosen your book to read had it not been selected for me my a member of our book club in Colorado. Being a 60-something, life-long Lutheran and terminally slow reader, I’m also chewing, chewing, chewing on this one. Thank you for providing me with great insight into the bases of my own faith.

That’s a great addition to the list of sexual issues in the book … No partner in a sexual fantasy ever said, “Is the door locked?” or “Did you take the trash out?” or “You need to brush your teeth and put on some cologne” and so on. Whether via pornography or sexually oriented books, tv shows or movies, people are immersed in all kinds of sexual/relational fantasy that can make real sex seem problematic, real partners (not airbrushed) flawed, and real life disappointing. Glad the book has been helpful! I think you’ll enjoy my next one too.