A UK Reader Writes: There are leaders like mine …

I have just finished reading Faith After Doubt. Doing so has been transforming. I am 69 and live in the UK. I became a Christian at 30 and spent many years in an evangelical, charismatic baptist church, but became increasingly alienated from the teaching, the authoritarian leadership, the whole theology really.

For the last 5 years I’ve been part of a liberal church community which is inclusive, encouraging, and outward looking. I’ve also been having some therapy which has given me the confidence to admit my profound doubts to myself, my therapist, and to my minister. The latter’s response to my admission, and also to your book, has been all that I would have wanted. She has encouraged me to explore, to step back if I need to (I’m in the leadership group), and be honest. And her response to your book was “That looks so interesting, I must get it.” She is reading it now.

So I want to thank you for articulating my journey, my thoughts and feelings, so clearly, but also for showing me that there is a way forward as a Jesus follower that maintains faith and integrity. And I wanted to say too that there are leaders like mine who want that freedom of faith that expresses itself in love.

With my heartfelt thanks

I’m humbled that you found the book helpful, and honored by your kind words.

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