a truly encouraging note

I just received this today …
Pastor Brian,
I want to apologize to you about some reviews that I put on www.amazon.com. After reading The Truth War by John MacArthur, I was alarmed by your works.
Recently, I put myself in your shoes and thought what it would be like for people to post things that are not favorable. I went and took my comments off.
I still am unsure of some of the comments that John MacArthur highlights, but am sincerely sorry for my actions.
Here’s my reply (slightly edited for privacy’s sake) …

Dear … – I wanted to thank you for your kind and gracious note. I very rarely receive notes like this – I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to see brothers in Christ show this kind of humility and charity and brotherliness. Thank you.
I’ve had some private contact with the author you mentioned. He and I do indeed have some deep and sincere disagreements. Although I feel that he misrepresents me on a number of counts, I certainly respect his right and responsibility to express his concerns as he sees fit. My wish would be that Christians could learn to differ and disagree well … which would involve accurately representing one another’s views, not overstating them, not hastily resorting to inflammatory or vilifying language, and always practicing the “golden rule” – which is what you have done so beautifully in this situation.
So, please be assured of my respect for you and my gratitude too. I hope you’ll keep me in your prayers, and again, thanks.
Warmly, in Christ,
May we all learn from this brother’s beautiful example.

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