A Theology of Guantanamo Bay

I had a fascinating dinner with my friend Ziya Meral last night. A human rights activist, he has written a provocative theological reflection on Guantanamo Bay. You can read it here.
A powerful quote:

If Jesus were caught living the vicious subversive Gospel today, he would not be on a wooden cross, since the wooden cross no longer symbolizes what it did then: the dishonouring and dehumanization of the individual in the presence of the entire city as a punishment. He would be wearing an orange jumper, living in a cage, dishonoured and dehumanized, in the presence of the entire world who behold all this on the TV screen.

Another powerful quote:

I believe that the Western church has one final chance to offer an alternative to an increasingly polarizing world. If we miss this opportunity too, I am afraid the modern church will lose all of its moral standing, or whatever is left of it.