A “spiritual but not religious” reader writes … I don’t consider myself a Christian, but I love Jesus

A reader writes:

I recently finished your book “The Secret Message of Jesus” and I wanted to send you a short “thank you” note.
I really enjoyed this book. As a “spiritual but not religious” person it was really refreshing to hear a pastor look a little deeper at the life of Jesus.
Although I don’t consider myself religious or Christian I have loved Jesus since I met him in Sunday School as a child. There’s something wonderfully intriguing about him and his teaching.
And I think you hit the nail on the head when you talk about his teaching style being intentionally vague. He wants to draw you in slowly. He wants you to work.
As a former philosophy/religious studies major I have always felt the need to look deeper and you have helped me with your book.
Additionally, it’s just refreshing to hear a Christian (and a pastor) elucidate the teaching beyond the Beatitudes. There are still so many that can’t and won’t settle on believing, they need to see!
And those with eyes to see do see your work as pushing God’s dream for Creation forward.
Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!
Thank you,

Thanks so much for writing. I would rather be a “spiritual but not religious” person who loves Jesus than a religious person who doesn’t … Your encouragement means a lot to me. I hope we’ll meet in person some day soon.