A short note from a young missionary in Europe

My name is xx, I am [under 30]-years old and serving the Lord with my wife in [europe]. I only wanted briefly to take the time to say thank you. It is hard for me to describe exactly what your work means to me. I have been tremendously blessed by it. Thank you with all my heart.

My experience in Europe in the mid-1990’s – with a missionary organization – helped precipitate the change in thinking that inspired my first book. People would be surprised to see how many missionaries go overseas to convert others, and in the process, experience a kind of conversion themselves. Thanks for the encouragement, and may God continue to bless you in your work. I hope our paths will cross sometime when I’m on your side of the pond. (By the way, I’ll be at Greenbelt in England this weekend, and I’ll be in London this Thursday night … more info here.)