A reader writes: you never know!

A reader writes:
We don’t know each other personally; I know you through reading your book The Secret Message Of Jesus. I just wanted to encourage you with my testimony of the effect your writing is having.

I am an Englishman who 10 years ago heard God’s invitation to invest myself for His purposes in a small ex-Communist European country with its own (spititual and other) needs – the reason God has brought me here.

Francis Chan has asked (my paraphrase): “If you were alone and read the Bible for yourself 20 times, could you have have come to the same understanding that you are getting from what people say or write?” With that question in mind, I find your book to be a brilliant shaft of light revealing Jesus’ secret message and so apt for this country in Europe (as well as the rest if the world). Thank you so much, Brian, for putting pen to paper (or fingers to computer keyboard).

It is amazing to think that, just as John wrote Revelation when in exile on Patmos and probably didn’t know how widely his message would be read in the years to come, God can use your writings to have an influence in countries I guess you may not ever get to see in person.

Thanks for these encouraging words! I actually was in the country where you serve once several years ago … I have great memories of the people there, and it’s a joy to know of your good work there. I’m humbled and honored to share in some small way in your labors of love!