A reader writes: YES, that’s how I feel! (and quotes Bruce Cockburn)

A reader writes …

Hello Brian
I’m in the process of reading your sequel – A New Kind of Christian, and The Story We Find Ourselves In – just over last couple of wks finished the first two and can’t wait to get to the next/last one !
I’ve read Naked Spirituality and Why Did Jesus Moses Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road, of recent – never enough hours in a day to read !
I’ve felt for a while now, even before reading your last book, Why did Jesus,etc, that who are we as Christians to think that our way is the only way to God. How arrogant that feels to me. To me, I feel Jesus is the way I get to The Loving Father, but for others who follow, Moses, Mohammed The Buddha, the beautiful Native American/Canadian Spirituality, that is their way. We can all learn from one another. Your book is refreshing ! I wish everyone would read this.
These books and what you have to say so resonate deep with me, my life and how I understand myself to be a “Christian”. I don’t even like to use that label of late –
guess a Follower off Jesus and, even, then, I fall short of that @ times. I’ve felt for a few years now, this change-transformation, this questioning the traditional way of Christianity –
I have many questions doubts about certain things…and have read Rob Bell’s books too. They also touch a place deep inside my soul that brings a freedom and refreshment. When I read yours and his books – I think – YES that’s how I feel ! YES, it can be different! But where and who can I talk to about this?! Where can I go here in the place I live, Toronto, Ontario Canada
where I can feel free to Worhsip The Loving Creator this way.
It’s sometimes a lonely walk of faith and feel, as do you, that things need to change! . I am struggling with that and just feel @ times to not even go to church- I’ve pulled back and try to Worship God my Creator on my own, or with my sister, and also a friend. There are not many,unfortunately, I can talk to about this. How very troubling and sad. I also believe that church is not a place, a bldg – that the Great I AM is everywhere I am – but sometimes, just sometimes it would be lovely to find a place where I feel spiritually fed – This is my prayer and I would ask if you could pray for me as well.
I will close with a couple of lines from one of my favourite artists, Bruce Cockburn …….
Thank you, from another stumbler who believes love rules, and who will continue to kick @ the darkness til it bleeds daylight.
Brian, Thank you for you

Thanks for your note. I’m a major Bruce Cockburn fan too …
I’m glad you’ve found the books helpful. I especially think you’ll enjoy The Last Word and the Word After That.
I have some friends who are working on a way for people to find churches with a more open spirit … stay tuned! In Toronto, I’m sure you’d find United Churches and some Anglican churches that would welcome you … among others.