A reader writes: we went out for coffee …

A reader writes:

Thank you again for the time you spent with us on the podcast talking about We Make the Road By Walking. Over the last month I’ve been leading two book study groups through Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohamed Cross the Road? It has been a very positive experience. I explained to the groups that I think that all that are there have been feeling this way about God for sometime. We all feel that God is open and loving, and that there is no need to demonize or convert the ‘other,’ but our traditional understanding of God did not give us a way to think about that. Your book allows us to align the way we think about God with the way we already feel about God. One thing that has come up in discussion is the need to put some of what we are talking about into action. It is not enough to simply be strong, benevolent Christians, and hope that some people wander in so we can be strong and benevolent with them.
So today I had coffee with the only Imam in [our area] (a metro area of 350,000+). We met at the library coffee shop and got to know each other. We talked about our families, our calling, our common humanity, and our own versions of identity crisis, of which you speak so well in the book. It was a wonderful time, and we agreed that we need to meet again and start talking about ways to intentionally get our people together – especially our youth. He was very intrigued by your book, so I’ll be getting him one soon.
Thanks for your work and ministry,

Thanks for your work and ministry! I hope that thousands of pastors and Christian leaders around the country will follow your example. As Paul said, we must not be overcome with evil; rather, we must overcome evil with good.