A reader writes: the ground is shifting, slow and steady progress

…Keep doing what you do. I am so grateful for your writing, blog, and stance on issues concerning faith. Your view of things came as a voice in the wilderness back before even 2007. Then my husband and I felt like strangers in church, at times, even though we were faithful; because of the language and rhetoric we heard there. I have believed “differently” about matters of faith for a very long time; so affirmation is not something I ever expected at church. I’ve learned to bite my tongue, pray for people who think God is small and mean, and love them anyway- very humbling. But a new minister and lots of water under the brings me to today when one of our Wednesday night study groups was announced “Everything Must Change” by Brian McLaren. I cried. To see that in a most evangelical of evangelical places, southern and Baptist, was so heartening. I did not have to have this but the evidence is clear- the ground is shifting. Slow steady progress. I appreciate you being brave enough to say the things many of us have been thought for 40 years or more.
Blessings to you and your family.

Thanks for these encouraging words. You are right. The ground is shifting. With God, nothing is impossible. Like you, I’m grateful to others before me who showed such bravery. This week, of course, many of us are remembering one of those heroes – Dr. King. May his courage inspire us all.