A reader writes: Rocked in a Good Way

A reader writes (and asks):

Just wanted to THANK you for this intriguing book WE MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING! That (& trilogy New Kind of Christian) has been huge to this Lutheran-turned-Methodist (Wesleyan) girl! A LOT if my old thots on faith have been rocked, but in a GOOD way! I’ve had a lot of questions & they are seeming to find answers the longer I live. I have been “opened” & I KNOW God is at the heart of my “awakening”. Thank you & I am continuing to explore.
May I ask you, what do you think of George MacDonald’s work? I have been led to him, but as if yet, haven’t read any of his work…only excerpts from Michael Phillips’ work. (You see, I think even fiction can lead to faith…)
Thanks again for stretching me & I only wish I could use this as a sermon series! But alas, I am retired!
God bless you as you spread the GOOD NEWS!!

Thanks for your encouraging words. On George MacDonald – I was a English major in college and grad school and so, as you might expect, I am a big fan of MacDonald. He saw as few have seen how deeply faith and imagination are connected. Here are two of my favorite quotes from him:

It matters little where a man may be at this moment; the point is whether he is growing.
When we are out of sympathy with the young, then I think our work in this world is over.