A Reader Writes: Not all of us hate and condemn

A reader writes:

I am sorry that the convictions of many whom you love as brothers and sisters in Christ demean your love for your son and the love he has for his partner. There are Christ followers outside your circle who care about the pain the LGTB community endures at our hands. I am sure you receive an overwhelming number of emails so I hesitated sending this one, but thought maybe you needed an encouraging email. Not all of us hate and condemn.

Thanks so much. I take this encouraging email to heart.
Many of the people who oppose LGBT equality do not do so because of hate. They simply are trying to be faithful to what they were taught and what they believe God requires. Many of them are grieved by the hateful tone of some people who agree with them.
This doesn’t decrease the hurt they cause others. But it helps me remember that not all who disagree do so from the same motives. Again, thanks for your kind words.