A reader writes: LUDIO

A reader writes:
I wanted to thank you for writing Faith After Doubt. I have been a Christian for many years, and for a long time, I believed I was pretty good at it. I did all the right things, believed the right doctrines, and voted for the “right” candidates. The last five years have been disorienting; so many of those things I knew with certainty have been upended. I still believe in Jesus. I believe in love. I believe in goodness, truth, and beauty, but I can no longer accept many of those things I once accepted at face value as the only way to be a Christian. I was afraid to move deeper into my doubts and questions because to do so, I believed, was a sign of faithlessness.
Having said all that, I wanted to let you know I am writing for one particular reason apart from expressing my gratitude. Near the end of the book, in chapter 11 or 12, I believe, you talk about the importance of faith expressing itself through love for God, others, self, and creation. That resonated deeply with me. Several years ago, I came up with the acronym “LUDIO”—Love up, down, in, and out…  Thank you and keep sharing your message.
Thanks for your encouraging note. And I love LUDIO – a great way to remember what really matters.
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