A reader writes: I love the stuff of being human

A reader writes:

Just a comment, no response required. Just finished reading your book Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Budda, and Mohammed Cross the Road? and was both relieved and challenged. Relieved to have some of my inner thoughts and concerns expressed and challenged to further explore. Thank you for the extensive footnotes that included material for me to further chase. I want to reread some of my favorite Thomas Merton books as well. I grew up in a loving family, father was a fundamentalist Baptist preacher/pastor. I’m grateful for the exposure to scripture and continually find myself drawn back to the basics. My husband and I live upstate NY where we have really not connected with a church body. We have conflictual thoughts and feelings about our limited choices but continue to desire fellowship with other believers. Our faith in Jesus remains strong but churches are scary.
In my work I … teach social work at a local university… In my work and interests, I love the exposure to diversity and the opportunities to learn. I love the “stuff” of being human and being around real people. Your book has reinforced how establishing my faith firmly in Jesus should naturally equip and draw me to others. I’m not such a freak after all! Thank you.