A Reader Writes: I find God in …

I recently read your book: “A New Kind of Christianity” and would like to offer these shared comments for you.
Ø I can identify with your searching and yearning for God;
Ø I can feel the anguish you must feel in dealing with the darkness that accompanies the spiritual journey;
Ø At times the silence becomes like an enveloping cloud in your walk with God
Ø Jesus, the face and human gift of God to humanity has given himself to us from ancient times through the Israelites, the prophets, judges, his apostiles and the church of ancient times to our present day.
Ø To me He is present and found in the sacraments and liturgy of the Catholic Church, particularly the Eucharist.
Ø We humans find Jesus not as an intellectual quest, but as a quest in Faith connecting with Him in our hearts and in one another.
Peace and Joy be with you and yours.

Thanks for your response. Although I’m not Roman Catholic, like you, I find God in the face of Jesus, in the eucharist, in deep inner silence, and in one another. In fact, if someone asks me who or what God is, an honest though ever-incomplete answer would be … “the beautiful and infinite mystery I find in Jesus, the eucharist, deep inner silence, the wonder of creation, and the loving encounter with others.”