A reader writes: Floating down the Mekong River

A reader writes –

Just finished The Great Spiritual Migration and feel so relieved and inspired. Relieved because having been brought up in a brethren chapel and been steeped in evangelical traditions – it is a relief to know that the journey of transformation and migration my wife and I have been on in last few years is not madness or heresy. Thank you so much for articulating what our hearts and minds have been nudging us towards.I’ve actually been reading this whilst floating down the Mekong river crossing from Cambodia to Vietnam. It’s been weird and challenging literally floating by so much joy and pain, vigor and entrapment, wealth and poverty, hope for future and immense sense of recent tragic past. The reality of floating by on a privilege of opportunity, able to step off and back on, dip in and out of such contrasts has been humbling and a very real metaphor whilst reading your book of my own search for meaning, justice, mercy and compassion, over and above belief systems which simply no longer feel authentic or real to me.

I will certainly be re-reading your book very soon and inviting others to join in on the journey.

Thanks for these encouraging words. I’m pleased to think ofThe Great Spiritual Migration being read in Cambodia, a place dear to my heart.