A reader writes: Don’t stop … Pregnant with Possibilities

A reader writes:

I recently led a study of your book, A New Kind of Christianity during our Christian Formation Classes at [our church in the South].  We averaged around 20 parishioners per Sunday and followed your wonderful 12 week study guide.  The morning of the concluding class, after much thought and prayer, I wrote this prayer to begin and end our review:


We thank you for calling us to this quest, searching for the reconciliation and love that your “Anointed One” called us into.  Help us as we move forward from this place to live in the three dimensional space of creation, exodus and reconciliation.  Allow us to realize your Kingdom here on this Earth as we strive to be more Christ-like in our dealings with each other.  In your name, Creator, Savior and Sustainer, we pray.  AMEN.

Your writing has help me come to grips with several problems I have had with our faith and has given me a new hope for Christianity.  I know that you take a lot of criticism for you writing, but don’t stop.  I agree that we are pregnant with possibilities and the eventual birth must mark a new, fresh understanding of what it means to be the “Children of God.”

I will add you and your ministry to my personal prayer list.

Thanks for these encouraging words … and the beautiful prayer.