A Reader Writes: Clicking Forward

A reader writes:

Thank you for your insights and efforts at bringing Christianity into the 21st century. I’ve heard you in person and read a couple of your books. Now one of my favorite Christian terms is Aliveness!

Recently, I got a group of online friends, including my pastor, to read your “Spiritual Migration” book. Although we had many positive comments, I have one concern. You stated you might abandon the concept of “God 5.0” after that chapter. IMHO, that would be a mistake. Mixing a theological and technical term can carry great understanding. Younger people especially resonate with that kind of improved-version terminology. It certainly implies a forward movement in conceptual thinking. It’s not just a different God but a more developed notion of God. It’s an easy way to explain the emerging Christian model especially for typical church members who might not yet be at the progressive level of the rest of the book.

Rob Bell uses a somewhat similar analogy in describing God calling us forward as clicks. From wherever we are, we are invited to go to the next step in the continuum of human history and understanding. He calls clicks the divine pull. I suggest that clicking forward in God awareness is like stepping up to God 5.0.

It’s a great, understandable model. Please don’t diminish it, but expand upon it


Thanks – so glad the model is helpful. And with your encouragement, I will try to expand upon that model.