A reader writes: Catholic, 71, emerging

A reader writes:

Thank you. I just finished reading your Book A Generous Orthodoxy. I enjoyed it very much. I highlighted a number of quotes from your book, which is always a sign that I am learning something new or someone has captured better than I have what I am thinking about concerning a topic.
I first heard about you when I read Phyllis Tickle’s book, Emergence Christianity: What it Is, Where it is Going, and Why it Matters. After reading both of your books, I guess I have been an emergent Christian without knowing there is a title for what I am.
… As I mentioned above, I highlighted a number of sentences and paragraphs in your book. I would just like to comment on a few of them.
page 45. You mention Romano Guardini and Gabriel Marcel. I have not seen references made to them for many years. I read several of both of their works 50 years ago. They helped shape some of my ideas about human beings, God, religion, and other aspects of reality. It was nice to be reminded of them.
page 114 “By poetry, I do not mean rhyme, rhythm, or meter, but language that moves like Bob Gibson’s fast ball, that jumps at the right moment…” First of all, that is a great sentence. It is poetic in itself. Second, I am a long time baseball fan. I saw Bob Gibson pitch. I have told my children as well as many other baseball fans who are friends that if I had to pick one pitcher to win a ball game for my team in the 7th game of the World Series, I would pick Bob Gibson.
page 225 “…the practices of humility, compassion, spirituality, and love – which develop only in community – are more essential to a good healthy theology, more primal and important than scholarship, logic, intellect. Without love the latter are nothing.” Intellect and rationality are great. They are a big help in many things. But love is the most important. Ms. Tickle wrote in her book that we are moving into the age of the Spirit. I certainly hope so. But I told her I hoped we were moving into the Age of Love. But maybe that will come in another 500 years or so.
I could go on commenting on a lot of other quotes in your book. But you know what you said and I learned quite a bit from what you said.
By the way, I have purchased Orthodoxy by Chesterton. Only $0.99 in Nook form. I read some of his work 50 years ago. I thought it would be interesting to reread this book in light of your book.
Again, thank you for writing such a thoughtful and thought-provoking book. Keep up your good work. I will be 71 in a few months.. People of all ages are hungry for a more positive and generous approach to religion and politics/public service which has been my area of work during my career.
Peace and Joy to you and your family.

Thanks for these encouraging words. I’m interested in hearing from Roman Catholics who feel as you do … I believe that “emerging Catholics” have an important role to play in Emergence Christianity. I’m looking forward to learning more about you and your good work.