A reader writes: Baby Steps in the Right Direction

A reader writes:

I would wholeheartedly agree with your reader, “A reader writes: I bumped into some critics of yours” and your assessment that things are in deed changing. I feel the same tears and sadness when “Christians” so harshly criticize you and others who have something different to say other than the “party line”.
9 years ago in our church, no one would have quoted you, my friend, even though our minister was one of the most progressive in our town. But our current minister, now, has quoted you several times. These are baby steps for the ones that are not ready but steps in the right direction.
…Thank you for all the gifts you willingly share with us who will listen.
God Bless you and your family.

Yes, although many dig in their heels, circle the wagons, and otherwise idiomatically resist growth and change, the center of gravity is shifting. As Dr. King says, the grain of the universe tends towards justice. We’re all in this together!