A reader writes: a glimmer of light that had almost gone out

Thank-you for the opportunity to listen to you yesterday.
I have not been active in a church or within the Christian community for many years because of questions I could not find answers to and a sense that the teaching I was hearing just was not right. I saw a flyer for your Lakeland presentation Sat. afternoon and mentioned to my wife that I would like to hear you. I did a brief Google search and listened to a little of the YouTube info prior to visiting the church yesterday.
I had not heard anything of an emerging church and very little of the ideas you are talking about. I find the comments you opened with to warrant further study, and while I understand your desire to use your influence for educating us about things such as farmers rights, this is not what I was expecting yesterday… I need to walk again before trying to run against the many injustices I see. Thank-you though for allowing me a brief opportunity to experience you and to further learn more with the resources now available. You have created a glimmer of light that had almost gone out. Thank-you again for the work you are doing.

Thanks for coming, and for these encouraging words. You’ll find many books’ worth of reading here on this website (try using the search function to explore topics of interest – over many years of blogging, I’ve been asked to address many issues). And of course I would especially recommend my most recent book – Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? (Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World)/