A Reader – from Bangladesh – Writes

A reader writes:

I discovered your book and felt extremely in tune with it:
….toward a way of life defined by love.embracing the image of God as the renewing Spirit at work in our world for the common good..
spiritual activism dedicated to healing the planet, building peace, overcoming poverty and injustice, and collaborating with other faiths to ensure a better future for all of us.
I also agree with your analysis of the toxins of supremacy, domination, and violence that have emanated from some sectors of Christianity.
I am not an ex-Evangelical (I had a fairly brief encounter 50 years ago) but my wife and I have spent our adult lives working to reduce poverty and injustice in South and South-east Asia, and are also involved with environmental issues there and in England. During this time we participated in Anglican-related churches and Quaker meetings, and have close friendships with people of several other faiths (and none). We have stayed involved in the church because of the community and the basic values (e.g. 1 Corinthians 13:4-13) and because it is part of our culture.
So although I understand your personal journey and those of, for example, Bishop Spong and Frank Schaeffer, we did not suffer the ‘migration angst’ from fundamentalism that many of those in touch with you seem to have had to live through.
But I would like to say that we very much share your vision of the future and are inspired by it!

I understand you get many messages so please do think you need to reply, but would like to thank you very much for a very clear, thoughtful and encouraging message.
Thanks for these encouraging words. Keep up the wonderful work on such important global issues!