A post from 9-11

A reader sent this note in back in September. I listened to some political speeches over the weekend that seemed calculated to stir up us-versus-them animosity, so it seemed like a good time to post this. It resonates with the theme of my September 2012 release on Christian identity in a multi-faith world:

Today is 9/11/11
Today I purchased the Koran.
It has been thru your books (and your colleagues) that much change has happened in my theology and heart.
Rather than continue to view this world in a fundamentalist US vs THEM way, I am now embracing the bigger mystery of God and His children and a Way of Peace that He desires for all of us to embrace.
Rather than continue to believe and spout untruths about the “them”, I am going to take the time to get to know their Book and from a few hints from some scholars, I just might be surprised that the common “knowledge” about Islam is some misquoted and badly translated verses taken out of context. (funny how that happens, eh?)
I do not claim that I will be any sort of theologian or expert in it…but…at least I go into this with an open heart, eager to understand my brothers and sisters. They cannot be my enemy if they are not God’s enemy. Its been ten years since that fateful day. This year, I want to understand “Them” better. I do not want to continue believing lies and bad information. I have to trust that God truly loves “them” too.
What a few people do to terrorize and instill fear may really have nothing to do with holiness but more likely, with a love of power and control. And..as i watch the news…it isnt just “them” that is doing the whole “love of power” and instilling of fear.
May the gracious Love of Christ Jesus compel me and guide me….