A Poem for Doubters

Diane Brady-Leighton kindly sent me this beautiful poem inspired by Do I Stay Christian? She generously offered to share it with you all. Thanks, Diane!


For the Doubters, the Disappointed, and the Disillusioned*

It is no secret, if you examine the evidence,
that what passes as god,
has too often been used as a sword
And now, as I write this, there are
those who say Jesus,
to hawk guns
Who see the devastation
of the earth a highway
to salvation
It takes time to sort out the laundry,
the papers that reproduce, the expired
the beliefs you once held dear
To winnow down to what is
nourishing, nurturing,
What if, at the start, the
biggest bang,
there is only love?
And our job,
our only job, is to
find our way back?
What if, wherever we looked,
we saw
In us too, reflected in
the mirror, not flaws and follicles
but beauty?

*Inspired by the book Do I Stay Christian?
Brian D. McLaren