A New Online Resource

If you’ve read my short e-book Why Don’t They Get It? (Overcoming Bias in Others – and Yourself), I think you’ll find this companion resource to be helpful as well: The Second Pandemic: Authoritarianism and Your Future.

Here’s a brief excerpt that explains the title:

The first pandemic, COVID-19, is caused by a virus that spreads primarily through breath from person to person. It usually infects the lungs, but can quickly spread throughout the entire body, causing multiple organs to fail and leading to death.

This second pandemic also spreads primarily through breath, breath in the form of words. Spoken words together with the residue of words on paper and screen carry this pandemic from ear and eye to brain. From the brain, this infection controls the entire body, and through each host body, it reaches out to control more and more.

Large group gatherings — rallies, for example — are prime methods for both pandemics to spread.

The first pandemic of COVID-19 may cause fever, discomfort, and weakness, sometimes leading to long-term debilitation and death.

The second pandemic can also be fatal, but before it kills, it fills its host with a feeling of power, supremacy, invincibility, euphoria, and belonging. Simply put, when people catch this pandemic, it feels like the most wonderful, meaningful, and fulfilling experience that has ever happened to them.

The name of the second pandemic is authoritarianism.

You can download the e-book here.