A New Kind of Pentecostalism

My Pentecostal friend Samuel Lee hits another home run on his blog, here:

I love my fellow Pentecostal/Charismatic and traditional believers. Pentecostals are longing to “shake” their countries with the glory of God and they pray for revival in their nations. My question to them is: “Is there a room for us migrants, in this revival you are dreaming for? Is there a place in your hearts for undocumented immigrant?” The Charismatic church has enough superstars, far too many miracle makers with jets and bodyguards, but I am looking for a day when the Charismatic church will produce Mother Theresas, Martin Luther Kings and even Mahatma Gandhis. I ask my traditional churches the following: “Does your intellectualism and theology attach us to you? Do we have a chance with you? Or we are only a subject for research and your theological discussions?”
I am a Pentecostal pastor. I am very well aware of my background. I like signs and wonders, but I love justice more. I like to see the dead are being raised, but love righteousness more. I like to see people feeling “high” in the spirit, but I love sacrifice more. I may like some tele-evangelists, but I love Jesus more. I like to be touch by the spirit and laugh continually, but I love to cry for justice more. A Christianity that is not standing for the rights of the fragile, for the undocumented migrants, for the poor and the suffering, for the widows and orphans is a worthless Christianity. It is simply a dead religion, even though it has a sign of liveliness.