A New Kind of Christianity, more on sex question

An encouraging and interesting note about NKOCy:

I don’t even know how to begin this letter, but I think it should begin with, “Thank you.” A friend of mine happened upon an article about your book, “A New Kind of Christianity,” and passed the article on to me. I was curious, and bought the book, prepared for the worst, I think. Goes to show that God works in mysterious ways, and you certainly can’t (pardon the terrible cliche!) judge a book by it’s cover.
Strangely enough, it was your story of the small bible study that formed in your home, eventually growing into a nondenominational church that really hooked me into the book (I will admit, I’m guilty of getting so bored with introductions that I have put down many good books in the first few pages, something I’m trying to go back and remedy!) because it’s not so different than how my denomination started. I grew up in Metropolitan Community Churches, a new and growing denomination of Christian churches that began in a living room.

I grew up in a lesbian home, and came out as transgender when i was nineteen. I’ve read plenty of books discussing homosexuality and gender in the bible, but it was refreshing… and heartening… to read your chapter about sexuality and really discuss that it’s less about homosexuality, and more about bridging the gap in our own human sexuality. So part of my thank you is to that…for being a clear, articulate voice. It’s easy, sometimes, to think that people with a vested interest in a topic can certainly write essays and books proving themselves correct. It’s been done a million times before. But to read what you wrote about homosexuality reminded me (and in ways, it’s hard to admit that I needed reminding) that it’s not just about pulling out a verse, interpreting and re-interpreting it to say what we want, but that Jesus stood for equality… calls us, as Christians, to stand for equality. That’s a good chunk of what it’s really about.
… I’ve been on something on a faith journey in myself, in trying to reconcile my image of Jesus, and the bible… how to read, interpret, and understand the bible as a historical text, full of humanity and flaw but also divinely inspired. Reconciling the two of those has been incredibly hard. I think it would be a disservice to you, and to the ideas you present in “A New Kind of Christianity” to take them as law. But I’m encouraged by your urging of your readers to question you, question what you present, continue to think, search, pray, journey with God. I just want to thank you, for giving me a starting place, for helping me to voice some of my own concerns and find a way to begin to tackle them without feeling overwhelmed.
I’m sure you hear a ton a criticism. Whenever I hear anything close to my own budding theology, I look around the room- I’m sure to find someone who’s been offended. But I wanted to take the time to write, and thank you for being willing to be “out and proud” in every sense of the word. Being authentic, I’ve found, opens you up to much criticism. But I’ve also found that standing on a firm foundation means you are swayed less easily by that criticism.
Thank you, Brian. You have certainly ministered to me in ways I was starving for. Please, keep up the amazing work.