A new Kind of Christianity: another metaphor

A reader writes:

Hi Brian,
I’m looking forward to reading ANKoC soon. After watching your discussion of library vs. Constitution on the narrative question, I
wanted to share a similar metaphor that has been especially helpful
for me in searching for a new mode of interpretation that also
maintains a level of sacredness: The Bible as a Family album.
Every family I’ve ever known has its beloved matriarchs and
patriarchs… and always a crazy uncle or two that you may not be
proud of. Bu they’re still family and you absolutely keep them in the
family album. Not because you want their behavior to be exemplary for
coming generations, but because all of us need to know where we came
from in order to know who we are. Not every page has to be proscriptive.
And a family album is sacred. Even with the embarrassing uncle…
perhaps because of the embarrassing uncle. It is sacred because it is
the only one you’ve got. It is sacred because it is a part of you and
you a part if it.
I originally got this metaphor from Eugene Boring, who is a biblical
scholar in the Stone Campbell Movement. Maybe it’s helpful to you.
Thank you for asking so many good questions.

Thanks for this note. It’s an excellent metaphor!