A Joyful Conclusion

Goshen College welcomed us for our final stop in the Everything Must Change Tour … I was so impressed, once again, by the school’s administrators, faculty, and students, as they live out their five core values:

passionate learning
global citizenship
servant leadership
compassionate peacemaking.

Someone told me that Goshen is considered a well-kept secret. I hope you’ll join me in spreading the word about this extraordinary learning community, whose values resonate so strongly with the themes of our tour.
The time at Goshen was pure joy, but I must admit our DeepShift team felt a lot of mixed emotions as we packed up to leave and for the first time in eleven weeks couldn’t say, “See you next weekend!” We’ve enjoyed such a tremendous working relationship over the past year, planning and presenting the tour and meeting amazing people around the country. We have a number of invitations to launch a second leg of the tour, which we’ll prayerfully consider in the coming weeks. Until then, Linnea, Tracy, Eric, and Jo – along with our hosts, sponsors, and other collaborators, you have been wonderful beyond words to work with! Thanks be to God for the joy of partnership in a worthy cause with splendid people like you!
This week Grace and I will be preparing for our departure this weekend for Africa … never a dull moment!