Confession of Faith 2

We believe in God the Father
Who created all that is
And gave our ancestors the dignity of freedom,
Which we abused and are abusing still.
God grieves over our evil
And calls us to his better way.
God loves the whole world,
And sent His Son, Jesus, to save, not to condemn.
We believe in Jesus Christ,
Born as God-with-us,
Who taught us in parables, who performed signs and wonders,
Who healed the sick, touched the unclean,
Received failures and welcomed them to his feast.
He trained common people as disciples and sent them into the world with his saving love.
He was betrayed, rejected, mocked, tortured, and crucified.
But he rose from death and is alive and with us always,
And lives in us, the hope of glory,
Indwelling and filling us through the Holy Spirit.
We believe in the Holy Spirit
Who unites us and gives us gifts so we can serve one another in love.
The Spirit transforms us to live in the way of Christ
And empowers us to make Christ known in gracious words and deeds of justice and compassion.
The Spirit bears fruit in us of love, joy, peace, and all sorts of goodness
And is at work in the world, moving like the wind.
The Holy Spirit invites us into the eternal dance of love:
Father, Son, and Spirit, mutually indwelling,
Moving for, with, in, and through creation,
Forever and forever.