2008 in pictures

What a great year 2008 as been.
In the Spring, Linnea Nilsen Capshaw, Tracy Howe, Eric Haines, Jo Burgess, and others helped present the Everything Must Change tour around the country …

I’ve had the great honor of traveling to countries around the world … including an orphanage and a Twa village in Burundi, a gathering in Rwanda , the Lambeth gathering in England, and Greenbelt too, where I gave one talk using a bullhorn!
There have been tremendous opportunities to work with people I enjoy and respect so much, like Walter Brueggemann here ….
There have been lots of great discussions with emergent cohorts and other small groups like this one…
I’ve had the chance to meet so many tremendous and fun people … like these characters here
Through it all – lots and lots of time answering emails!
My son Brett got married to Breana … in sunny Mexico … and my daughter Rachel got her PhD and moved with her husband Jesse to Iowa … And Grace began teaching high school, just as she did when we first got married. Jodi began her senior year in college and Trevor became a condo-owner in DC.
I continued to speak about Everything Must Change and a new book, Finding Our Way Again. Late in the year, I began a new chapter in my writing career with Harper … and was writing four books (one on theology, one on spirituality, one on peacemaking, and one a novel) at the same time. And a real thrill for me was participating in the presidential campaign and for the first time in a long time, picking a winner.
It’s been a fantastic year!
Oh – and I got in some fishing too!