Zero Dark Thirty

I received this letter from the good people at NRCAT … you can join me in speaking up:

Dear Friends:
We are writing to you today, because you have a unique opportunity. You live in a state where one of your senators is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. As his/her constituent, we hope you will write to your senator and ask him/her to support the release of the Committee’s report on CIA interrogation and detention practices.
Many of you have probably seen or heard about the movie Zero Dark Thirty. That fictional movie falsely depicts torture as having provided important intelligence. The facts say otherwise.
Late last year, with the support and encouragement of National Religious Campaign Against Torture supporters, the Senate Intelligence Committee voted to adopt a report on CIA torture. This report was the culmination of a more than three-year investigation. It is over 6,000 pages long, and we are told that it lays out facts showing that torture harmed our national security.
The Intelligence Committee is currently preparing for its work in the new Congress. Very shortly, however, members of the Committee will begin to consider whether or not to release the report to the public. Because the Committee makeup changes at the beginning of each Congress, some of the senators who will be making this decision are only now learning about what is in the report. It is very important that key members of the Committee hear from us right away – so that their opinions can be informed by their constituents.
Please write to your Intelligence Committee Senator now and ask them to support releasing the report on CIA detainee treatment to the public.
Thank you,
Linda Gustitus, President
Rev. Richard Killmer, Executive Director