You have fallen in a pernicious anthropocentric gospel

A reader writes:

Brian your wrinttings , your letters, your vision, your “pholosophy” your “theology” makes no sense at all. My first language is spanish, I red some of your books it was a little hard since english is my second language, but I sitll perceived that something just doesn’t make any sense. something just doesn’t fit with the genuine Gospel. Somehow you have fallen in a perniciuos antropocentric gospel that won’t prevail. Use your time wisely, read your bible. God’s stories will replace your messed up worldview. God loves you with inmeasurable love, but he wants to whisper His Absolute Truth through your dusty bible. read it brother read it.

Thanks for your note, your concern, and your prayers. You’ve definitely identified a key question – what is the authentic gospel? My belief – as you’ve read from my books – is that we should go to Jesus first and foremost to find an answer to that question. When we do, the answer (to me, anyway) seems clear: the kingdom of God is at hand. This good news calls us to action – repentance (rethinking everything), faith (trusting this good news enough to build our lives upon it), and following (learning from Jesus’ example and teachings the ways of the kingdom of God).
It would be interesting to know why you think this is man-centered – I actually see it as God-centered. But because God is not self-centered, when we center on God, God asks us to join God in caring for others. So, the gospel of the kingdom of God teaches us to join God in looking beyond our individual well-being to the good of our neighbor, stranger, and even our enemy. And beyond human beings, it teaches us to join God in caring for the well-being of all God’s creatures on this earth. Perhaps this is a messed-up and man-centered world view, but I can only testify that it is the best understanding of the gospel I have discovered in over forty years of reading the Bible.
By the way, I can’t imagine why you would assume my Bible is dusty and that I don’t read it. My books are full of insights drawn from the Bible. My suspicion is that we both read our Bibles – but that we have come to different understandings. That might mean you’re 100% right and I’m 100% wrong. Or it might mean we can learn from one another. Thanks again for writing – y espero que algun dia, podre hablar espanol como ud. habla ingles! Que Dios le bendiga, hermano.