Women Waging Peace

Occasionally, foolish men claim glibly to “love war,” but thankfully, there are thousands of wise women who lead the way in waging peace. Read their story here – the best news you’ve read in quite a while, I’ll bet! Quotable:

This week, it happened. 20,000 women — Jews, Palestinians, and Druze, citizens of Israel – marched together in Jerusalem. Another 2,000 women joined, including over 1,000 Palestinian women from the West Bank, in a joint march outside of Jericho. It was the culmination of a two-week, cross-country march that gathered steam and people as it moved. “Women Wage Peace”, started by three women who’d had enough, inspired this diverse sea of singing and moving together, in solidarity for peace. This kind of women-centered leadership has precedent…and success

Thanks, Katharine Rhodes Henderson!